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Lash Training FAQ


What are the Benefits of taking this training course?


Interact with a real person in real time! After taking this course you will be educated on the basics and everything you need to know to start your lash career! The training course is 3 days long. The first day is an orientation day that will go over everything in the manual. Orientation day is theory based. You will be able to ask as many questions as you need and you can get in depth answers. Orientation day will also go over lash set up, pre application steps, how to do a proper consultation, there will be fanning practice (for volume application), and practice with holding your tweezers for isolation.


Mentorship Program (Lash Support)


Firstly, You will receive a monthly newsletter with information about the industry, current trends, blog post, Anaire Twin’s retail products, and more! 


Also, enrolling in our course will also get you enrolled in our Mentorship program. Being included in the mentorship program is great because you will be able to schedule 3 meetings a month with your Lash trainer. It will be a 45 minute session you can either come in person for your session or you can book a virtual session.


These sessions are designed for you to ask any questions you may have, do some business coaching, practice with one on one support, or really whatever it is that you feel you need.


Being enrolled in the Mentorship program comes at no cost to you. 

Being your own boss is hard and you are going to need support in order to properly set up your business. This program will be made available to you the first 3 months after taking your course. After 3 months you will no longer be able to book the 45 minute sessions but, you can continue to ask questions via chat. 


Consultation Guide


One thing that beginner Lash Artists really struggle with is doing a proper consultation. Not doing the right consultation can make or break your business. Clients want to feel like they can trust you and if you are still learning it will show in the way that you speak. Asking all the right Questions and being sure to educate your client properly will set you for success and make you stand out in the lash industry.


What will I learn during this training course?


Natural Lash Assessment

Eyelash Growth Cycle

Natural Lashes you should Avoid


Safety & Sanitation

Infection Control

Eye Infections

Cleaning your lash space


Contraindications & Allergies

Allergic Reactions

Who is a good candidate?

Who isn’t a good candidate?

Types of Eye Pads


Choosing your tweezers

How to choose your glue

What is the proper way to use your glue?

Pre-service tips


The importance of Lash Styling

Eye Shapes & Curls


Lash Mapping

Client Notes

 Application tips





Lash Removals

Lash Removal steps


Retention Checklist



What should I expect after I take your course?


After taking Anaire Twin’s lash course you should expect to leave feeling prepared. The Training manual that will be provided to you has information about everything you will need to know about lashing. During the course you will get to practice and begin to develop your skill. The training Lash Kit you will receive will have enough supplies to take clients if you feel ready to do so.


Is the training going to be one on one or will it be a group training?


The first day of the course will start with an orientation that will include one or two other classmates. Class sizes do not exceed three people to ensure that you need the quality education you deserve. There will also be two days that you will be working with your Lash Mentor 1 on 1. During the one on one you will be shadowed while working on a client. 


Will I be able to take clients immediately after?


Yes and no. Yes, if this was a refresher course for you, taking clients immediately after is okay. If you are a beginner yes you can take clients but be honest with yourself about the service that you are going to provide.

Taking paying clients immediately may not be the best idea but it is an option if you are already a licensed Cosmetologist or Esthetician. It is important that you are comfortable and have practiced enough to be successful in the industry.


Will I receive certification after taking the class?


Yes! At the end of your training you will receive your certificate.

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