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Retention & Aftercare tips

Wondering how to keep your clients coming back? There are many different things that you can do.

One of those things is mastering your lash retention.

Teach your clients how to take care of their investment. A lot of clients have trouble with retention because they were not educated properly on aftercare.

Do not worry! If retention is something that you struggle with as an artist don't let it discourage you. We have all been there. There are many different ways to prevent premature lash fallout.

Before you decide to start lashing clients, learn your glue and learn your lash room/space/area. Learning your area means becoming familiar with the normal temperature and humidity of the area. The first thing you need to purchase is a Hygrometer. Eyelash glue can be controlled by temperature and humidity. When you purchase a glue there should be instructions on what temperature and humidity your glue should be stored in and what temperature and humidity your glue works best in to give you maximum retention.

At the beginning of every session be sure to explain to clients that is normal to lose 2-5 natural lashes per day. Sharing this fact will let clients know what to expect and it will prevent them from making an emergency out of something that is normal. It is important to also let them know that everyone loses their natural lashes regularly but they hardly ever notice because the hairs are so fine.

As a lash tech it is important to educate your clients on aftercare. Retention is 50% based on the lash tech and 50% based on aftercare.

You should always tell your clients the do's and don'ts of lash extensions. If you help them take care of their lashes they will be grateful, it will increase client loyalty, and their lashes will last longer!

The first thing you want to do is be sure you can supply the tools they need for aftercare. You can give out spoolie's, aftercare instruction cards, and lash baths. All of the supplies you need can be found on Amazon or most lash supply companies. My personal favorite Lash Bath is Prolong. You can go onto their website and purchase lash concentrate to make your own lash baths. They also sell bulk orders. I buy my aftercare bags, spoolie's, and lash brushes from Amazon. There are other brands and companies out there, explore the web and get creative.

Do not feed into the misconception that baby shampoo can be used for lashes. IT CAN NOT. Baby shampoo is safe for the eyes but it was not made for the eyes. You want to be sure to supply a cleanser that was made to clean eyelash extensions.

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