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Lash Boss Journey

Over three years ago I was working as a Banker while going to Community College in San Francisco, CA. I was trying to decide on what I wanted to major in and what I wanted to do as a career choice. I loved banking because of the relationships I was able to build with my clients but I hated how stiff the industry was. I've always loved the beauty industry but I didn't know where I would fit in.

I started wearing extensions in 2018 because I over picked a pimple on my forehead and had a huge scar. I felt so ugly. I needed a beauty enhancement and Eyelash extensions were perfect. I was in love! I asked my Tech at the time a ton of questions and started doing a lot of my own research. I later quit my job and enrolled in Cosmetology school, worked part time at a spa, and started practicing immediately.

I took an online course and started practicing on my mannequin head during quarantine. I was filled with so much excitement that I didn't realize how terrible a job I was doing on my mannequin.

The glue was as clumpy as ever. I knew nothing about buying the proper glue or anything about lash diameters so I tried to do a

classic set with .03 lashes! If you are a lash tech you KNOW how ridiculous that looked. I later enrolled in some lash courses at my cosmetology school. I also watched a ton of YouTube videos while I practiced. I am currently still continuing my education in lashes because I never want to stop growing.

Moving forward I lashed my best friend for months before I started doing my other friends and my family. She laid on my bed in my room for over 4 hours with no complaints. We took a couple of short breaks but for the most part we pushed through. I didn't have a proper ring light so I used a desk lamp. It took me so long to feel comfortable. My hands were shaky as ever and my mind was full of a bunch of what if's.

I say all this to say the lash journey is never ending and neither is the discomfort that you will be faced with. There will be new obstacles and challenges everyday as a business owner especially, in the first year. What really matters at the end of the day is how you deal with the discomfort. When I was starting my lash career I was going through so much in my personal life while dealing with the anxiety of meeting new people and hoping not to make any mistakes. I wanted to be sure to do everything to my clients liking. I care so much it makes me crazy sometimes but I can deal with the discomfort because I understand it is something that comes with being a Lash Artist.

Everybody wants to be a boss and I totally recommend it! We cannot dismiss the fact that being a boss means being able to think critically, being kind when you know you aren't in the wrong, having tough skin, and having good problem solving/critical thinking skills.

On your Lash Boss journey always have confidence. You have to motivate yourself even when nobody is looking, supporting, or trying to build you up. People will say things to try and make you question yourself and they will try to make you feel bad. Don't listen. Only YOU know what YOU can do. Sky's the limit. Know your worth and then add tax! Take that risk! Don't dwell in discomfort, rise above it!


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