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Anairè Twin 

Wake up looking & feeling beautiful.

Lashes are a girls best friend. The perfect look cannot be achieved without them. Feel the ease of no longer having to get out of bed an hour or 30 minutes earlier to do your beauty routine. You will be able to master the perfect selfies and enjoy a boost of confidence.

Lashes are a luxury and they need to be maintained with careful maintenance.

Here is a little background information about my services and some of the general benefits of wearing Eyelash extensions. They are semi-permanent, detailed with perfection, and are used to accentuate your natural features. The process can take up to three hours depending on your chosen set. After your service you are instructed to wait 24-48 hours before getting the lashes wet to ensure that the glue stays intact. You can go 2-3 weeks before needing a refill (this varies upon the individual).  Assuming that your extensions are cleaned regularly and gently brushed with a styling wand, your natural lashes will be just as healthy and flawless as your extensions.

Lastly, It is my pleasure to supply you with the tools you need to maintain your beautiful lashes. 

I always go above & beyond for my clients so you won't be disappointed. That's why I make an extra effort to educate you on lash care and details about your service.

****Lash Care Instructions and a thank you goodie bag are included with every client’s first service & are available upon request****



Anairè Twin



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Anaire Twin

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